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US-2006071948-A1: 3D font-engine patent, US-2006075360-A1: Dynamic highlight prompting apparatus and method patent, US-2006078439-A1: Control device for an engine mounted on top of an air compressor patent, US-2006108897-A1: Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device patent, US-2006120117-A1: DC-AC converter, and method for supplying AC power patent, US-2006125726-A1: Plasma display apparatus patent, US-2006127544-A1: Method of producing laminated food and a device thereof and laminated cheese food thereby produced patent, US-2006128569-A1: Microencapsulated agrochemical composition patent, US-2006138235-A1: Optical encoder patent, US-2006145852-A1: Check-in system for traveling passengers patent, US-2006170396-A1: Sensing board assembly for secondary battery module patent, US-2006187103-A1: Serial audio output driver circuits and methods patent, US-2006245650-A1: Precise grayscale character segmentation apparatus and method patent, US-2006270308-A1: Erector set for artistic structural designs patent, US-2006281845-A1: Aqueous process for making fluoropolymers patent, US-2006282518-A1: Multi-mode controller patent, US-2006282567-A1: Status indicators for universal serial bus (USB) ports patent, US-2006282889-A1: Virtual private network for real-time data patent, US-2006289776-A1: Method and apparatus for reversing performance degradation in semi-conductor detectors patent, US-2007017598-A1: Machine for loading leaves and yard debris into a yard bag patent, US-2007025705-A1: Mother panel substrate for display device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2007058032-A1: Virtual film providing method, server, and mobile terminal with camera patent, US-2007064932-A1: Accelerated verification of digital signatures and public keys patent, US-2007066322-A1: Systems and Methods for Locating Geographical Regions of Mobile Computer Users patent, US-2007067571-A1: Superior cache processor landing zone to support multiple processors patent, US-2007073305-A1: Cutting guide apparatus and surgical method for use in knee arthroplasty patent, US-2007080726-A1: Sequence-independent power-on reset for multi-voltage circuits patent, US-2007093981-A1: System for testing tire sidewall irregularities and related methods patent, US-2007145251-A1: Optical sensor, optical temperature-measuring device and measuring method using the optical sensor patent, US-2007160179-A1: Configurable multi-modulus frequency divider for multi-mode mobile communication devices patent, US-2007194667-A1: Piezoelectric transformer patent, US-2007233350-A1: Method for Automatically Actuating Longitudinal Blocks in Four Wheel Drive Vehicles, in Particular in Working Machines and Service Vehicles patent, US-2007237256-A1: Transmitter and method of transmitting a signal patent, US-2007258770-A1: Smooth interior water collection and storage assembly patent, US-2007262515-A1: Paper grabbing assembly patent, US-2007275846-A1: Hydrothermally stable alumina patent, US-2007287545-A1: Longitudinal Plunging Unit with Cage Securing Means patent, US-2008036818-A1: Liquid-discharge recording head patent, US-2008046526-A1: System and Method for Pushing Information from a Host System to a Mobile Data Communication Device patent, US-2008070637-A1: Mobile communication terminal and controlling method thereof patent, US-2008106803-A1: Collapsible lens barrel and optical instrument using the same patent, US-2008116021-A1: Multi-pot type disc brakes patent, US-2008141632-A1: Machine For Packaging Articles into Box-Like Containers patent, US-2008156688-A1: Divider strip assembly patent, US-2008162283-A1: Method of advertising real estate and signage for same patent, US-2008165714-A1: Method for utilization of active power profiles used in prediction of power reserves for remote devices patent, US-2008196543-A1: Gear-type transmission apparatus patent, US-2008264609-A1: Heat exchanger for exhaust gas cooling; method for operating a heat exchanger; system with a heat exchanger for exhaust gas cooling patent, US-2008266063-A1: Intelligent patching infastructure management system patent, US-2008291064-A1: Estimation of Timing Errors in a Time-Interleaved Analog to Digital Converter System patent, US-2008303484-A1: System For Controlling Voltage Balancing In a Plurality of Lithium-Ion Cell Battery Packs and Method Thereof patent, US-2008314655-A1: Steering and Driving System for an Industrial Truck patent, US-2009001835-A1: Axial air gap type electric motor patent, US-2009010501-A1: Image processing apparatus and image processing method patent, US-2009010701-A1: Device For Applying a Gel-like Substance patent, US-2009029605-A1: Female Connector Terminal and Female Connector patent, US-2009041298-A1: Image capture system and method patent, US-2009045370-A1: Controlling valve patent, US-2009062948-A1: Systems and Methods for Controlling Audio Volume in the Processor of a High Definition Audio Codec patent, US-2009071678-A1: Cradle arrangement patent, US-2009080628-A1: Methods, Systems, and Products for Alerting of Calls patent, US-2009083560-A1: Computing Device Power Management patent, US-2009131237-A1: Drive Unit For A Laboratory Centrifuge patent, US-2009135806-A1: Enabling ad-hoc data communication over established mobile voice communications patent, US-2009153054-A1: Electric discharge lamp patent, US-2009155670-A1: Fuel cell with flat assembly and simplified sealing patent, US-2009179715-A1: Surface acoustic wave filter device and duplexer patent, US-2009212591-A1: Vehicle slider assembly patent, US-2009212724-A1: Method for Braking an AC Motor patent, CN-1139244-A: System for enhanced utility of custom characters patent, US-2009261742-A1: Led assembly and an improved power supply circuit thereof patent, US-2009312157-A1: Stationary exercise apparatus patent, US-2009320036-A1: File System Object Node Management patent, US-2010005099-A1: System and Method for Socially Derived, Graduated Access Control in Collaboration Environments patent, US-2010016543-A1: Crystalline copolyesters having high solubility in non-halogenated solvents, and their use patent, US-2010019837-A1: System and method for power management patent, US-2010023937-A1: System and method of enabling multi-tenancy for software as a service application patent, US-2010027444-A1: Method and system for establishing connections for wireless network devices patent, US-2003197323-A1: Automatic dispensing machine of substantially flat goods patent, US-2004056368-A1: Liquid organometallic compound vaporizing/feeding system patent, US-2004079567-A1: Drive assembly patent, US-2004080153-A1: Greeting card patent, US-2004087194-A1: Compound connector for two different types of electronic packages patent, US-2004121623-A1: Junction box patent, US-2004150346-A1: Discharge tube patent, US-2004180675-A1: Method for transmitting and receiving control messages in a mobile communication system providing MBMS service patent, US-2004226519-A1: Method of managing feed and diet for farm animals patent, US-2004228110-A1: Back light unit patent, US-2004233511-A1: Apparatus and method for quasi-phase-matched nonlinear frequency mixing between different transverse width modes patent, US-2004251715-A1: Bicycle with cover patent, US-2005000106-A1: Measuring wheel for wireline operations patent, US-2005019734-A1: System and method for diagnosis of mental disorders patent, US-2005019954-A1: Photochromic dyes for microsphere based sensor patent, US-2005091785-A1: Optoelectronic dust collecting machine for killing bacteria and viruses patent, US-2005104844-A1: Electrophoretic display device and method of driving electrophoretic display device patent, US-2005139664-A1: Product management system patent, US-2005152338-A1: System and method for managing voice communications between a telephone, a circuit switching network and/or a packet switching network patent, US-2005168896-A1: Dimmer circuit with improved inductive load imbalance protection patent, US-2005201754-A1: Optical transmission system having noise-elimination function patent, US-2005222288-A1: Method of producing polishing pad-use polyurethane foam and polyurethane foam patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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